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In 1990, Veron And Son, Inc. management decided to lease company equipment to Acme Truck Line, Inc. of Harvey, LA. Acme has been in the trucking business since 1960 with a fleet of more than 1300 leased trucks, operating with over seventy offices in seven different states. Our logic was simple; the size and strength of Acme gave us an increased client base, a wealth of resources, administrative support, and much more. For customers, this means increased reliability and diversified services while cutting down on paper work and providing streamlined billing. Have trust in the Acme Truck Line Mission Statement: "We the Acme team are committed to providing efficient and economical transportation services in a safe, timely, and courteous manner - Around the Clock!" Not only does Veron And Son, Inc. trust in it, we operate by it.

Acme Truck Line, Inc.

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