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Big Trucks? Specialized Trailers? We've got it.

Our Trucks (all air ride)
Tandem Tractors
Tandem Winch Tractor (w/ lift axle)
Single Axle Tractor
Tandem (Three Ton) Tilt Bed Tractor

Our Trailers* (mostly air ride; ask for details)
Flats (40' - 48')
Oil Field Float (40')
Van Trailer (48')
Flat Extendables (45' - 73') w/flip axle
Pole Trailers (40' - 70')
Step (Single Drop) Decks (40' - 52') 2 & 3 axle
Step Deck Extendable (48' - 70') w/flip axle
Double Drop Deck (24' well length, 18" well height)
Double Drop Deck Detach w/Outriggers (29' well) w/flip axle
Double Drop Deck Detach Extendable (29' - 50'6" well) w/flip axle
Tri-Axle RGN Lowboy w/Outriggers (18' 6" well)
Tri-Axle Hydrolic RGN Lowboy w/Outriggers (21' well)
*some trailers also have rolling tail boards, container locks, and other unique features

We also have access to all other type and size trucks and trailers through the Acme network. Contact us for details.
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